CosplayFame started out as a simple idea; Cosplay is fun. Everyone should have fun; and so, everyone should be allowed to cosplay. CosplayFame is an advocate for the cosplay community and supports all the art & positivity cosplay offers.

The Staff

Creator of CosplayFame. He is just a guy who enjoys things from his childhood & loving all that nerd culture has to offer.

Dream Cosplay: Mr. Freeze


Photographer and producer of CosplayFame. This guy can make any photo look professional.

Dream Cosplay: Darth Maul with robotic legs

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Photographer & every day producer on CosplayFame. She is witty & knows how to make any conversation awkward.

Dream Cosplay: Cortana

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Contributor & regular podcast member.

Dream Cosplay:

Darth Vader

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