Do you even Juggernaut bro?

Bryan, owner of BMP Props, was a huge videogame fanatic. He especially loved the Halo series, which is where he drew his inspiration for his first Cosplay build. “I was playing Halo: Reach one day and thought it would be cool to build an armor suit like that.” Bryan, being the tinkerer he prides himself on being, started reading up on Cosplay build forums & threads to get ideas on how to accomplish this feat. Through much trial & error and a whole year of dedication, Bryan made that idea into a reality; he now had his very own Halo armor.

Bryan quickly became very proficient at creating these armors, and currently has over nine suit builds under his belt. He became so good at it that people who followed his account began to ask him to commission armor builds. With each ask and each quote, Bryan began to see how building props & cosplays could be a business for him. “So I figured why not,” he explained, “hopefully, props [would] pay the bills someday.” And with that, BMP Props was born. But this building skill wasn’t something that magically landed on Bryan’s lap; it began earlier in his life, before he ever thought of creating a build like his recent “The Unstoppable”.

Bryan grew up like many young men; admiring & learning from his father. “I learned a lot growing up” he reminisced, “my dad was always a tinkerer, and my grandfather is a jack of all trades.” Bryan learned all he could from his family, and goes as far as to say that developing these skills was in his blood. Even though he was a chef by trade, these skills would shine through and become a source of pride in his life. “Whether it's for me, or a client, or making costumes for my kids, I take enormous pride in my work.” When asked how his two sons feel about his prop work, he says “They really dig it.” He goes on further to say “You can probably imagine Halloween is a pretty big deal in my house.” Bryan built his two sons Iron Man suits for one Halloween. Bryan hopes that he was right about the tinkering in his genes & hopes his sons continue the tradition.

With each day that has passed with his new company, Bryan’s building confidence has grown exponentially. His skills in airbrushing and time efficiency on entire builds have only gotten better in time, and he is always welcoming of a new challenge. His most recent challenge was Cain Marko, also known as “The Juggernaut”. “I was planning Juggy for about two years before I finally decided to do it, taking about 2 months to complete.” He goes on to boast “If I did it again, I could’ve done it in three weeks.” The project involved thick sheets of upholstery foam, latex, & other materials; but that was not what worried Bryan. “The Juggernaut was something new; I never did anything that had to look organic. That was tough.” Once again, Bryan turned to threads & forums to get pointers for this build, finally getting to his “Oh…I get it now” moment of the building process.

The Juggernaut is much different than Bryan’s other builds. While the Halo suits would be pressed on his body, Juggernaut was only connected to his body in two places. “The whole thing is actually quite cavernous,” he explained. He also installed multiple fans in the suit, to make it suitable for the wearer in the hot Florida weather. Once the main structures were done, Bryan started eyeing a convention at which to present his creation: MegaCon.

“I barely fit through double doors at the convention.” Bryan joked. “I went up an escalator at one point, realizing ‘this is a bad idea.’” When asked about the attention he received at the convention, he states “It's unreal.” He continued “I could have never imagined I would get such attention.” By the end of his first day at MegaCon, Bryan was on several major social media sites. He received so much attention that he had to turn off his phone the next day. As for his next build, Bryan has big plans…and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us!

Bryan thanks all those who have supported him in his building journey: family, friends, and his material suppliers. He also wanted to make sure to give thanks to National Foam Products and Monster Makers, which you can find at:

Learn more and connect with Bryan on FaceBook at BMP Props or on Instagram at @BMP_props.

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