We Spoke to Andrew Moyes of MegaCon Orlando 2018

We at CosplayFame were lucky enough to interview Andrew Moyes, Director of MegaCon Orlando 2018.

Here is a text translation of our interview with Andrew.

You can find out more about MegaCon at www.MegaConOrlando.com.

Diana Rodriguez (D): Hi, good afternoon everyone! This is Diana from CosplayFame, and we are here at MegaCon! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! Thank you again so much for having us. Um- so for those of you who don’t know [it’s] your 25th anniversary for MegaCon! 25 years!

Andrew Moyes (M): I know it’s incredible!

D: What do you attribute um- the success of MegaCon in the past 25 years to?

M: Well I mean part of it is the uh- growing trend of pop culture conventions as a whole. Y’know they’ve broadened so much; it used to be such a niche following-

D: Yes!

M: And now there’s truly something for everyone: families, so many different kind of fandoms are celebrated. It’s not just comics anymore; it’s sci-fi, anime, and of course, cosplay!


M: I mean one of the biggest- sort of juggernauts of the past few years of uh- of convention is cosplay. But I also have to mention y’know the Orange County Convention Center, Visit Orlando- really key stakeholders here in the Orlando community that have helped us continue to be the number one, the biggest, and- I hope to think the best.

D: Yes! I definitely agree with that. So you did mention families; a lot of things um- families of course are concerned about is safety. Um- Orlando- of course Orlando we’re strong no matter what. Um- what are some uh- factors that MegaCon does in- y’know making sure that we remain a very safe and welcoming community?

M: Yeah I mean that’s out job. Er- that’s what we’ve put all our time and effort into, and- and- it’s part of the uh- Ultimate Experience. Um- we have very, very strict and uh- thorough security plans. Again we work carefully with the Orange County Convention Center- with all the key stakeholders, to make sure it’s a seamless, enjoyable, safe experience for- my staff, f- of course for all our attendees, our guests, everyone involved.

D: Wonderful! Um- so what are some, you mentioned cosplay of course, so what are some standout cosplay that y’know, REALLY have g- like kept in your memory in the past- 25 years is a long time, and I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of different things?

M: Yeah, I mean it’s really what’s on trend right? But it’s those uh- those staples that just continue to come. Spiderman for instance; I mean- it wouldn’t be MegaCon if they didn’t bump into Spiderman uh- and-

D: Yeah, Deadpool! *laughs*

M: Yeah! *laughs* but also the Greatest Showman too, like the Bearded Lady has been a- a- cosplay that I’ve seen a lot of too. So it’s great to see the core uh- characters that everyone loves and celebrates come through. But I also really love everyone that gets really creative and uh- and brings something really fresh uh- to the table as well.

D: That’s wonderful! So we’ve had a lot of different guests, comic artists, exhibitors, um- what are- are there’s any key moments that have stood out from year one all the way to- to y’know today, in regards to your history with- with MegaCon?

M: Yeah, I mean it’s really that electric moment when a fan goes up and meets their hero. I mean we’re truly bringing the star power. We continue to bring the star power to Orlando. This year we’ve got John Cena, Jeff Goldblum, Lucy Lawless, y’know the list goes on. We’re do- uh- we’re doing a whole WWE track. Y’know we have great partnerships with Disney, with Madame Tussaud’s like- truly this is what we work for: to create those ultimate moments, and you can see the excitement, all you have to do is stand in the autograph area as people are walking away from meeting their heros I uh- it’s truly electric y’know. And I was just over on the stairs, there was a M- uh- an Official Marvel uh- character meetup

D: Yes!

M: The entire stairs were covered! Y’know and people are engaging with each other, celebrating their hero- so- so that’s what I find exciting, that’s what I remember when I go back and I’m like ‘okay- MegaCon 2019!’ *laughs* let’s- let’s get started y’know that’s- that’s what keeps us going and uh- that’s our job: to create the Ultimate Fan Experience, and seeing it uh- seeing people live it this weekend is what uh- we really remember.

D: Absolutely! So would you say that- would you DARE say that you ra- rival Disney in making dreams come true?

M: I would like to say we are... We’re friendly competitors

M: Uh- both uh- both with a very common goal in that sense.

D: Yes, wonderful! Um- so is there anything- kind of that we should know about looking forward to next year’s MegaCon that maybe- y’know our fans would like to know?

M: Well- MegaCon 2019’s gonna happen so we’re- we’re- we’re here, we’re here to stay! Um- I think what is really exciting, probably for a lot of your followers, is the Masters of Cosplay contest.

D: Yes!

M: We have really taken cosplay to the next level. We recognize the amount of hours that people put into their costumes um- and how much people love to celebrate- y’know the work that is done. So the Masters of Cosplay is um- an event that we’re doing at all of our major shows, and the winner of course we’ll fly to Toronto to compete in the grand championship um- in uh- on uh- Labor Day weekend in- in Toronto. So that’s a really awesome- y’know sort of- platform that we’ve put together because we recognize um- how important the cosplay community is, and how much everyone loves it. So that’s new this year, but also uh- worth uh- checking out for next year as well.

D: Absolutely! So if you could cosplay anyone an- and- no holding back D: Anyone at all, who would it be?

M: I- I’m pretty comfortable with my Show Director cosplay. That’s kind of my go-to um-

D: Okay, you rock it so-

M: Yeah I mean- I’m comfortable in that, as I say ‘very inclusive, very fun’ so, this is my go-to.

D: Okay wonderful! Well here’s to 25 more years, and then another 25, and 25 after that! Congratulations again, thank you so much for- having taken the time with us and um- you can always catch us at CosplayFame.COM. Is there anywhere else our followers can follow MegaCon?

M: Definitely MegaConOrlando.COM there you’ll find all our social channels. We’re busy all year round uh- with announcements and exciting things about the year ahead um- y’know we’re thrilled to be such a- uh- uh- a firm part of the fabric of the Orlando community and uh- we’ll be here continuing to deliver that Ultimate Experience for years to come.

D: Okay, so make sure you check out MegaCon also be sure to download the app it has been incredibly helpful

M: Good!

D: Has your team continued to- y’know work on that year round or-?

M: Oh yeah! No it- you- you see it is new this year

D: Yes.

M: Um- and we’ve also adjusted the show program a little bit because y’know it gets out of date so quickly with all the changes and the guest changes and everything so- we’re able to update that schedule on the app in real-time! I have it downloaded it’s been how I’ve been navigating the show-

D: Yes!

M: Even though I know so much that’s going on, there’s still so many layers, the app’s been really, really helpful um- so yeah all these little tweaks, all these little changes that we make, is all about um- making everyone’s experience better and more fun.

D: Wonderful! Well thank you again and make sure you catch us at CosplayFame.COM! Raul back to you!

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